How long are the classes?

Our classes are an hour long. 25 minutes of yoga/pilates followed by 35 minutes of puppy cuddles.

Do I need my own mat? 

No! We provide mats. The yoga mats are rolled up and put away when the yoga/pilates is finished and it’s puppy time! This is to stop any contamination and to keep hygiene at the highest standard. 

Is there an age restriction?

Each person under 17 must be supervised by an 18+ adult

We are happy to welcome children of all ages under a few regulations:

- each person has their own ticket and own matt

- everyone stays seated whilst the puppies are roaming around

- puppies are only picked up being supported, NOT held under their arms

What happens if I can no longer attend the class?

Unfortunately we don't offer refunds or exchanges on our tickets. If you contact the owner at ablancelotte@gmail.com with any issues/queries regarding this she will be happy to accommodate what she can.

Where do the puppies come from and what happens to them after the classes?

We have developed relationships with a range of breeders so we can have different breeds over the classes.

The breeders Pupdates chooses to work with are ethical and are all visited beforehand. 

The puppies you see in classes could also still be up for sale, and breeders are always on hand to have a chat with after the sessions if you happen to fall in love! 

The pup's wellbeing and safety is Pupdates upmost priority.

The puppies only come to our studios for a maximum of 2 hours at a time and then go back home!